The best Financial Advisors are more than just money managers. Though a great deal of what we do involves investment management, we know that the key to financial success involves much more than an asset allocation plan and selecting quality investments because investing does not exist in a vacuum. Investing is usually a means to an end such as a comfortable retirement, paying for a college education, or leaving a legacy for the next generation. Putting together a plan to accomplish such goals not only involves deciding on what percentage to allocate to bonds or stocks, it also involves protecting our clients from risk, minimizing taxes, controlling debt and managing cash flow.

At National Financial Network we believe that our financial health is second only to our physical health. If we continually to neglect either, we will suffer the consequences later on. In many ways, we are similar to your family doctor, but rather than looking at your physical condition, we are interested in your financial well-being. Like your physician, we perform comprehensive evaluations on a regular basis and will provide you with an actionable game plan to improve your financial condition if need be. And, with the use of the industry’s leading planning software we will illustrate where you are headed and the risks you face.

Most people have goals. However, a goal without a plan is just a wish. And while it OK to “wish” to win the lottery, the same should not be said when it comes to your personal finances. We are confident that our experience and knowledge will leave with you with the assurance that you have a sound plan in place and that your future will be decided by more than just wishful thinking.

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Award winning year for Financial Advisor
Robert C. Votruba CFS, MBA, Ph.D.

It is my pleasure to share the news of another award-winning year for your Financial Advisor, Dr. Robert Votruba. In 2019 Robert was recognized with the following achievements…

  • For the third consecutive year, Park Avenue Securities named Robert as their top Investment Advisor and Registered Representative; their highest honor. Over 2,500 Representatives compete for this national award.
  • In addition to national recognition, Robert also received National Financial Network’s Wealth Management Leadership Award, our highest local honor, for the 12th consecutive year.
  • Dr. Votruba earned the National Financial Network Leadership Award and was promoted to Executive Vice President.

Dr. Votruba is entering his 26th year in the financial services field. His academic background combined with his industry experience and award-winning performance make him one of the most talented Advisors in the industry. I know that Robert finds it a privilege and honor to serve you and hope that you find comfort in knowing that your Financial Advisor is among the finest in the industry.