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Market Insight

Coronavirus: Another Black Swan

Over the past few weeks financial markets have experienced swings that we have not seen in nearly a decade due to the uncertainty created by the spread of the coronavirus. While the market has been through far more harrowing times throughout history, and especially over the past 20 years, the unpredictability of the virus and the efforts to contain it have markets confused.

What Do Baseball and the Stock Market Have in Common

The league batting average for Major League Baseball was .252 in the 2019 season. This means that a player hit the ball and made it safely to base about once in every four at-bats – 25% of the time. For years, the league wide batting average has hovered around this figure. Last season, less than 2% of players hit .300 or better, with no player better than .335. Some players have great months – like Todd Helton who in May 2000 hit .512 – but eventually all end the full season not too far from .250.

Recession, Impeachment & The Stock Market

Recession and Impeachment. Today’s financial headlines seem to be fixated on both topics, yet if history is any guide, only one of the two is likely to have an influence on financial markets. Recessions are periods of economic decline which are identified when Gross Domestic Product (GDP) falls for two consecutive quarters.

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Year End Financial Checklist

It’s been a mostly cooperative year so far for investors. Driven by tax cuts, record corporate earnings and a strong yet steady economy, domestic markets are hovering near all-time highs. In fact, this summer marked the longest bull market ever for the S&P 500. Since March 2009 the market has marched mostly upward, recording over...

Quarterly Newsletter